Segment Challenge: Alton CC is hosting its fourth Segment of the Month competition during 2020. A friendly competition open to all Alton CC members. Each month a different Strava segment will be selected. Whoever records the fastest adjusted time (male and female) over the segment is the stage winner. To enter you need to register using this form. You can read the full competition rules here and see the current competition standings here. Click on the April to October links below to see each month's results. These are regularly updated during each challenge month and at the end of the month. To find out more about Strava click here for an introductory guide.







Weekly Time Trials: Alton CC promotes weekly time trials from April to September. The dates of each event and the course can be found on the events page. The results of each event can be found under the Time Trial link.

  • 10 mile club championship: best time over 10 miles
  • 25 mile club championship: best time over 25 miles
  • 50 mile cup: best time over 50 miles
  • Short distance BAR: best average speed over two 10 mile events and two 25 mile events
  • 10 mile league cup: most points gained during evening 10 series
  • Club events championship: best average speed over five 10 mile events and one 25 mile event
  • Road race championship
  • Track race championship
  • Hill climb championship

    Each year's results can be found under the Club Competition links.